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Quiet Hour Guides
By: Sharon Grussendorff

The following links will take you to online guides for quiet mornings, with brief reflections, music, guided prayers and meditations. These are based on some of our previous Silent Sunday resources.

  1. Tending the Earth with tenderness

  2. Blessed are the Peacemakers

  3. Being present to Presence

  4. Ecology, St Hildegard and the glorious freedom of the children of God

  5. Drink from the Source

  6. Surrender to Silence

  7. Every breath is grace

  8. The peace of wild things

  9. The call of wilderness

  10. Here I am

  11. The lost coin

  12. Saying Yes

  13. Healing from Paralysis

  14. Perfect Peace

For our list of recent Silent Sundays, click on this link.

For our list of Reflections, click on this link.

For our list of online retreats and talk series, click on this link.

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