Recent Silent Sundays

Peter Mayer

Everything is holy

We have been looking at the theme “Who is God?”, and in the last talk we explored the description given in Acts, that “In God we live and move and have our being.” In other words, wherever we go, whomever we encounter, whatever ground we are standing on, whether beautiful or troubled, we are on holy ground. This is the theme we will explore together today.

Alana Levandoski

Like a child at rest

This silent Sunday is a follow-up to Talk 4 in the non-duality series on the mirror of shame. This is an invitation to practice letting go of the harsh, judgmental self-shaming voice in our minds, and to open ourselves in childlike simplicity and trust to the realm of the still small voice that reminds us of our belovedness.

Kim McMechan

Equinox as a Prayer Pause

This Sunday is the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere, and in the Celtic spiritual tradition, this is an opportunity to embrace the moment of pause between Summer and Winter. So our theme for this Silent Sunday is the invitation to pause from our usual activities and to come to rest in this equanimity, in the quiet gap between the seasons. (This is also a pause in our talk series on non-duality, which we will resume in the next online resource).