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Online Retreat
Mindfulness, self-compassion and the healing embrace of God
The art of unconditional receptivity

Begin this session with 10 minutes of silent prayer (you can click on the link below if you want a 10 minute timer with a gong at the beginning and three gongs at the end)

Ten minute silence timerSilence
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Releasing constrictions

  • Recall a time recently of being caught in a typical cycle of reactivity –  we can recognise this by the mind-statements of “he always”, “she never”, “it's not fair”, or those familiar feelings of being a victim, side-lined, helpless etc.

  • Remember how it felt in your body – feel again that constricted troubled space.

  • Reflect this with a clenching of your fists, allowing the muscles of your body to contract tightly.

  • Now gradually release the tension, and open your hands in a gesture of receptivity. Relax your body in an attitude of letting go.

  • Allow your breathing to deepen and become more gentle and at ease.

Letting be and letting go

Follow these steps for a short but powerful practice that you can do as often as you remember to through the day:

  • Stop: Stop whatever you are doing, and stand or sit still for a moment.

  • Let be: Make the choice to let everything be just as it is right now. This releases you from the mind's judgments and efforts to fix, control or improve on the moment, and opens you to a more receptive and accepting space within.

  • Let go: Let go of any thoughts or resistance by your mind. It might be helpful to bring your awareness to your breathing to help you with letting go of your thoughts. You could also picture letting go and falling into God's embrace, or into an ocean of grace.

  • Rest: Spend a little while simply resting in the moment, in God.

Now continue whatever you were doing. 

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