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Heart prayer for the suffering of the world
by James Finley

In this time of profound suffering in the world, and deep divisions, conflict and pain, I encourage you to pray along with the following heart prayer, guided by James Finley (the sound quality is fairly poor, as this was recorded during a live event, so you may need to turn up your volume).

James Finley Guided Heart Prayer
00:00 / 12:53

As an ending to the heart practive, listen to the following chant, Open my Heart, written by Ana Hernández and sung with Ruth Cunningham. Once you are familiar with the tune I encourage you to sing along with the chant, sensing the vibrations of your singing voice in and from your heart, as this is a helpful practice for opening your heart for the love of God to flow through you into the suffering places of the world:

Open my heartAna Hernández & Ruth Cunningham
00:00 / 04:36

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