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January Silent Retreat

Preparing for the Year Ahead


Solitude Retreat Centre

25 to 27 January 2019

This silent retreat is an opportunity to find a fresh perspective and renewed vision for the year ahead. On the retreat we will take some time to become still, to rediscover our centre, and to be refreshed and restored in the presence of God.  
Gradually, after deliberately choosing quiet times with God, our heart begins to sharpen its perception of God's presence. The quiet of God begins to speak and direct us, and our heart becomes more finely tuned to the frequency that God uses to speak to us."   Thomas Merton

Dates:   6pm on Friday 25 January to 2pm on Sunday 27 January
What to bring:  Comfortable clothing including a warm jacket (the weather can be unpredictable), an umbrella, a torch, walking shoes and writing materials. If you express yourself through art, please bring along your paint / pencils etc.
Cost: For the full weekend: R1500 per adult (single room), R1300 per adult sharing. Accommodation, teas, and all meals are included. Bedding and towels are provided.
RSVP: Contact Sharon Grussendorff, at


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