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In this reflection we will be exploring the theme of darkness, light and new life. Nature tells us that light and darkness are in a continual interplay, coexisting and giving way to one another. The mystics use the language of both darkness and light to convey the mystery of Divine Presence. What does this mean for us in dark times of anguish, loneliness and spiritual "lostness", when the promise of light seems to be a distant dream or a false and cruel sentiment?

I will be using a talk that I recently gave on this theme, which I will weave together with music, readings and guided prayer.

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Sharon's book that was previously called "Contemplative Living" has been republished by AnamChara Books under the title "Deeper: Finding the Depth Dimension Beneath the Surface of Life". The Kindle version is available from Amazon, and the hard copy version can be ordered from your local bookshop through Ingram Distribution.