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the sunlight of awareness

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A few nights ago, while I was driving home in the dark, there was a thick fog all the way along the dirt road, to the extent that I nearly drove off the road a few times. The whole world felt shrouded in the heavy mist. The next morning I went walking up the hill, and I saw the fog still lying in the valley, but from the hilltop it looked silvery and beautiful where the sun was shining on it, and the air above it was totally clear. As the warm sun shone on it the fog gradually started clearing.

This struck me as a helpful analogy of how we can get so caught up in our troubled thoughts and emotions, and it seems as if the whole world is troubled. But when we recognise that we have been caught in a murky fog of thinking, and gently let this go, we begin to discover that the world is not as threatening or negative as we had imagined. When we bring the sunlight of awareness to the foggy mists of our thinking, we discover a free place that is filled with the quiet beauty and gentle smile of God’s presence.

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