Lenten Morning Retreat
Facilitator: Sharon Grussendorff

This is based on an online morning retreat that was hosted in March 2020 by All Saints Catholic Church, Ballito. I encourage you to set aside the morning for quiet reflection and prayer. We will offer guidance and input, and we ask that you try to set aside distractions so that you can get the most out of this time of retreat. 

The outline for this morning’s retreat is:

  1. An introductory video giving an outline of the morning

  2. A talk, titled “Taking the leap into God’s embrace during the storms of our lives”

  3. A video with a guided time of quiet prayer (centering prayer).

  4. Some time of quiet reflection, with questions (This could be 30 minutes to an hour, allowing as much time as you need).

  5. A tea break (I encourage you to do this in silence, so that the whole morning maintains the atmosphere of a retreat).

  6. A talk, titled “The Redemption of the Cross”.

  7. A time of guided prayer where we pray the Yahweh prayer together.