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Lenten Morning Retreat

End the time of prayer by listening to this encouraging song:

If you want to see Fr Richard Rohr's teaching on the Yahweh prayer you can view it on YouTube by clicking here


You can end this morning's reflections by using the questions below to guide you. Stay in the silence for as long as you can, listening for the Still Small Voice of God.


Questions for further reflection:

  • What stood out for you from this morning's retreat? Make a note of the key points that you will take away with you.

  • Are there any areas in your life where you need to practice letting go?

  • How do you feel about the invitation to take the leap of faith, and fall into God's embrace? Can you trust this embrace? Why or why not? Pray honestly to God about your feelings.

This Easter season, allow yourself to gaze at the cross in a new way, recognising the redemption of God, who transforms the worst of situations into the most beautiful, life-giving and hopeful opportunities. Invite this God to transform your fears, failures and suffering through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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